It Belongs in a Bat Cave

If you’re ever in Miami, don’t pass up a chance to visit the Dezer Collection. The deceptively bland set of warehouse buildings tucked away in a hidden corner off of State Route 1 contains the world’s largest collection of famous Hollywood and classic cars. How did this come to be? It seems that after running out of matches to burn money, the aforementioned billionaire Mr. Dezer decided to buy every cool ride that ever existed and then charge people to look at them (but not touch!). But the point of this post is not to gush about all those hundreds of cars – not the Ghostbusters Ectomobile, not the Knight Rider’s Kitt, not the James Bond Aston Martins, not even the dozens of ridiculous tiny but undeniably adorable micro-cars.

No, the point of this post is pure awesomeness itself in all it’s life-size splendor.

The point is the Batmobile.

And not just one Batmobile. The insatiable Mr. Dezer, whose fortune rivals that of the great Bruce Wayne, owns multiple versions of the 60s TV series Batmobile, multiple versions of the Tim Burton Batmobile, and also the Batman Forever Batmobile. In addition, the exhibit includes the Bat-boat, the Bat-bike, artifacts from the Bat Cave and various and sundry collectibles. I wanted to touch them all! I wanted to ride them all! I wanted to be…Batman.

So what does my son do?

Hide in a corner and play his Nintendo DS.

There we are, standing in the presence of pure awesomeness – awesomeness that would have blown my mind at the tender age of 5 – and all he can do is whine because we won’t let him sit on the bench and play his game. If the museum had been a virtual room on his DS display, he would have stared at it until his eyes bled. But give him the real thing? Forget about it.


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