As Seen on TV!

Television was invented by advertising executives to get direct access to the ones who control the purse strings – our children. Now I’ve got a two-legged pop-up banner ad who follows me around the apartment. I’ve learned that Stuffies are the most awesome toy ever (we had to take our son into a toy store, pull a Stuffy off the shelf and show him in person how little stuff one can actually stuff into a stuffy before a stuffy has enough stuff), girls’ toys are fun for boys too, mucus has eyes and a mouth (thanks, Mucinex), and we need to buy OxiClean.

Bonus: if you ask him, “Who you gonna call,” he responds with the jingle from the local auto dealership that ripped off the Ghostbusters theme song.

I’m thinking it’s time to turn off Sprout and blow the dust off our Teddy Ruxpin DVDs. We need to make some changes around here before he sees too much and asks his pediatrician whether Cialis is right for him.


Flex Your Muscles

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