Imitation is the Highest Flattery

Widget1 has a batman shirt with a Velcro cape attachment. Last night, Widget2 picked up the cape off the living room floor and hung it on his shoulder. The first time he did this, I thought it was unintentional. But then he put it back on his shoulder. As I watched, he continued this hilarious routine of picking up the cape, setting the velcro on his non-velcro-equipped shoulders, then walking in circles looking proud of himself while the cloth slipped back off. Eventually, I tried assisting him, so the cape would stay on better. He gladly accepted the help. Clearly, he had decided that if Widget1 can be Batman, Widget2 can be Batman too.

Earlier that day, the boys had gone to an indoor bounce-house/arcade park. Widget2 observed Mom using a money card to activate the arcade games Widget1 wanted to play. Then by pure luck, Widget2 found a business card someone had dropped on the floor. He swooped up the business card and, using his mental powers of advanced logical reasoning, walked around to every machine – and ONLY those machines – that Widget1 had played. Then, as any brilliantly single-minded 1-year-old would have done, he inserted the business card into the slots.

Watch out, world. This child is paying attention. A little too much attention.


Flex Your Muscles

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