Watch out, Imelda Marcos. There’s a new shoe collector in town. My son.

Indoors or outdoors, Widget2 prefers to have his feet covered as often and as flamboyantly as possible. It’s not unusual for a young child to try on his parents’ shoes, but should he really be climbing into Mommy’s heel’s and strutting around with the confidence of a runway model on such a regular basis? But that’s not the weird part. In addition to the need to constantly wear shoes, Widget2 has gotten the notion that he must also cover his hands…in socks! He will literally stand there, holding out a pair of socks and refusing to let me go until I’ve fastened them to his hands like a pair of gloves.

But that’s not the weird part, either.

Actually, I guess it is pretty weird. But here’s another weird thing. The other day, the shoe obsession reached a whole new level of spooky when the wife took the boys shoe shopping. Widget2 kept picking out shoes from the racks and demanding to try them on. His excitement reached such a frenzy that it produced a full-fledged tantrum meltdown in the aisle. Later that night, he wouldn’t let me take his shoes off to change his diaper or even to go to bed. As soon as my hand applied pressure to his new sandal, he began to cry for mercy. So I let him sleep with his shoes on. Because who needs a security blanket when you’ve got a fashionable new pair of kickers? Let’s hope he never learns about the expensive designer brands.


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