Birthday Surprise

What better way to celebrate Widget2’s second birthday than to shower him with gifts that horrify? The Tomy motorized Constructable stegosaurus sent him running for cover. So of course I rushed to comfort the lad in the way I know best — by chasing him down with the stegosaurus and roaring at him. Later, another dinosaur toy – this one soft and fluffy – tried to eat his hand. He took it rather poorly. Kids these days. I’m sure his love-hate relationship with his new creatures will work itself out, considering how much he loves putting his fingers in the mouth of the other giant dinosaur toy we already have.

More encouragingly, my impeccable taste in superheroes is rubbing off on Widget1, who used his birthday money to buy the Batman Lego game sequel. He’s also developed a keen political sensibility. When I questioned how all of Batman’s enemies could have escaped prison between the end of the first Batman game and the beginning of the second, he didn’t hesitate to explain: It’s because the Joker has all the judges on his side.

And that, my friends, is how we get things done in sunny South Florida.


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