On the road

I was driving Widget1 home from GameStop when we encountered a street evangelist at a busy intersection. The man waved a sign displaying a barely readable handwritten message, “God’ll never give up on you.”

As we passed the evangelist, Widget1 rolled down his window from the backseat of the Dodge Charger and stuck his head out the window to shout, “I ALREADY KNOW THAT!”

The nerve of that guy, sharing theological information my son already knows. He should be charged with a hate crime and forced to buy high deductible health insurance or something.

I learned my lesson, though. Today when I heard his window opening, I quickly activated the window lock to stop him from making whatever offensive comment he was about to make to a passing stranger.

What do you do with a child who fearlessly blurts out potentially offensive statements to nearly every stranger he meets? No matter how many times you correct him, you still find yourself having to pull him aside at Walmart and explain to him that it’s wrong to say “Hey, old lady!”



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